We understand that you’ll have a lot of questions for us.

What is your aim?
Our aim is to make people laugh by poking fun at the often ridiculous events that happen weekly in our sport. However, we’d also like to foster improvement of the game at all levels, by calling out said ridiculousness whenever we feel necessary.

Why did you make fun of me or my team?
Because you did something ridiculous that we’d like to see less of in the sport.

Do you feel you have a responsibility to support anyone?
No. We know we can’t actually change a thing, other than perhaps your minds. We can’t make the BAFA board do anything. We can only hope the pressure we apply helps them follow the right path.

Why don’t you reveal your names?
We’ve never hidden our names. They’re right there on the pictures.

Frank Faux-Fur – Bollocks Correspondent
Rasheen Menthol – Political Correspondent
Lexus Frangipan – Facebook Expert
“Backseat” Bill Baker – Social Correspondent
Jackson Spunkitt – Special Reporter
Popeye Chicken – Wickerman Expert
Cedric Houseplant – Dangerous Criminal Expert
Herbert Aerlingus – Coaching Correspondent
Brian Bollock – International Reporter
Fudge Broadbent – University Reporter
Broderick Elfman – London Correspondent
Omar Skill-Position – Midlands Correspondent
Reptile Jones – Youth Correspondent
Paul Pudding – Financial Reporter
Elvis Dogdicks – Rookie Nonsense Expert
Raphael Bublé-Bath – NFL Correspondent
Stephen Pigg-Latin – Associate Expert
Ellen Breadstick – Women’s Correspondent

Can we send you furious messages of hate?
You’re welcome to. We might publish them though.